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We grow at 10 acres of land for total of 30,000 seeds.

We do nursery for our own consummation and for retail.

We train 2 permanent staff to manage the nursery.

Seed nuts will be sold as bare roots, and the farmer will need to purchase and prepare her coconut seedlings at least 6-months to 9-months prior to field planting.


We grow at 300 acres of land which consist of 222,000 trees that the capacity of harvesting is about 2.5 million pieces.

This process is quite straight forward, the only few crucial things being the planting system used, and preparation of the seedlings prior to field planting operation.

6-months to 9-months old coconut seedlings designated for field planting must be prepared at least 2-3 weeks beforehand.


We have 5 fulltime professional peeling team to get done 10,000 pieces per day.

Coconut code Size ( diameter )
Code 3 12 inch – 13 inch
Code 4 Above 13 inch – 14 inch
Code 5 Above 14 inch – 15 inch
Code 6 Above 15 inch – 16 inch
Code 7 Above 16 inch – 17 inch
Code 8 Above 18 inch


During delivery the driver will deliver the coconut on the buyer need and demand of the coconut.